We make your marketing meet technology like goals meet conversions.
Using the right tools and techniques, we reach out to the right audience.
With Mar-tech we take data driven decisions that best support the marketing strategies.


Imagine reaching out to customers in a way they like. Imagine the customer opening our travel promotion mail just when he is planning a vacation himself. The right message at the right time.


We know who your customers are, we know where they are and we know what they like. A well designed campaign with tailored keywords and eye appealing designs make for an effective tool utilization. Tools such as Emailer and Landing pages. Programmatic advertising platforms allows us to create highly targeted marketing content for very specific demographics.


We bring all the elements together that makes the cake so you can have the pleasure of cutting it. Content management systems, web analytics and digital customer experience platforms and market automations are set in place for a fruitful.


The success of your brand depends upon the selection of the right elements such as well designed logos, fonts that catch your eyes, taglines worth remembering and color schemes that set up the mood.
BMAD - why it pays off !

Startups and significant ventures in group companies share their takes on BMAD

“It's a scary thought- to change the brand image that you have built over a few years. But if you think on the longer run, it's a blimp in the minds of your target audience. Make sure that you identify your exact target market and develop the new brand accordingly.”

Dr. Sheetal Badami
Define Aesthetics

“Times change and we must adapt ourselves accordingly. Connect with the New Age and be a part of it.”

Akshay Gajria

“A planned approach helps investors, shareholders and most importantly, the team to understand the purpose of their of efforts, and build something strong, valuable and enduring”

Kaustubh Mantri
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