Why aren’t sanitary pads tax-free! Why, India?


Why aren’t sanitary pads tax-free! Why, India?

Santary pads vs condoms


Sanitary pads are offering extra long wings, the tax system is more than willing to cut these wings off!

Why India, why?

Earlier, we raised our voices on sindoor and bangles becoming free and not sanitary pads. Today, after the implementation of the new tax system, GST (no need for any introduction there, right?), we are surprised even more. It is clear that the Government of India wants people to have free safe sex, as condoms and contraceptives have become tax-free. But sanitary pads have still not managed to become tax-free. They still fall under the 12% tax bracket of GST.

Are women raising their voices to make that happen? Yes, they are.
Are there women in the ministry who have a say in financial decisions? Yes, there are.
Are sanitary pads one of the basic needs of women? Yes, they are!

Then why are they still hanging loose in the after effects of GST?

They deserve to be tax-free, being one of the very basic requirements of women. Not just women, but girls too! Females, in general bleed for a better part of their life and sanitary pads are ways to curb the embarrassing consequences of menstrual cramps.

Is the Government not ready to accept women’s natural tendencies or wants to pay a blind eye towards their discomfort?

A secular, progressive, ideal for many, the country like India, where every religion gets a say, why not every gender? Women are as much a part of every religion!

Come to think of it, safe sex is a choice but menstruation is not. So why make condoms and contraceptives tax-free but not sanitary pads? It is crystal clear which is a bigger necessity out of the two.

Time to think, folks!

Is this the gender equality one expects from modern day India?



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