Guidelines to Write SEO Friendly Content

Guidelines to Write SEO Friendly Content

Before we jump to the guidelines to write SEO friendly content, let’s talk about what exactly is SEO and why do you need to do it anyway. SEO is a commonly used term in digital marketing and is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results

That’s right, getting ranked without ANY paid activities, all organic. Today, it is easy to just buy ads that run on your customer’s web search but these ads tend to be annoying and hence an organic presence is a must.

Here are 5 guidelines to write SEO friendly content

  1. Rock solid keyword research
  2. Tell people what they want to know
  3. Technicalities of SEO
  4. Length  matters
  5. Learn from the market

Step 1. Rock Solid Keyword Research

You are going to be posting on your site but the results will be displayed on the net, this is nothing short of going to war. With so many tanks and in the battlefield you need to find the right ammunition to make an impact.

Keywords are what your audience is searching for your services with. You need to Find out which keywords and phrases people are searching for (as well as what you can be competitive in).

This can get a handful at times and so we suggest you keep an excel sheet for each category.

Step 2. Tell people what they want to know

Now you have the keywords i.e what your audience is searching for, the next step is providing value. This is where your content writer comes in.

The content writer needs to get in the shoes of the customers to understand what is it that they are really looking for and how your business can best help them. Because at the end of the day, it is not just about the flowery language but about relevance, on which Google ranks your page.

A good write up consists a keyword in the title, once in the opening paragraph, twice in the body and once in the footer. But other than that you also use “LSIs”  or Latent Semantic Index which is a concept that search engines like Google use to discover how a term and content work together to mean the same thing. By using LSI keywords, you’re better able to create content that flows in a more conversational way.

Remember, a good content writer writes what people want to know not just what you want to say. This is how you ensure lower bounce rates.

Step 3. Technicalities of SEO

All the right keywords on God’s green earth will not help you if your site is not well maintained.

Understanding how Google crawls pages and hands out link authority can really help you build a solid strategy. You see, content isn’t just about writing a singular blog post, it’s about writing a whole bunch of them and clubbing it together to make a story(flow).

This includes enabling HTTPS across your domain, minifying JAVASCRIPT and increasing crawl budgets. This is when you need professional technical support.

Step 4. Length Matters

This is not about catchy phrases or copy writing, this is a story. A story of your brand and hence it deserves to be treated like one.

Search engines tend to give preference to longer blogs and articles, and for good reason. Try to shoot for at least 600 words, but if you can get to 1,000 or more, go for it. The longer your content, the more value you’re going to give your readers, and the better chance you’ll have at lower your bounce rate

Step 5. Learn from the market

You can say Google is something of a marketplace for tons of information shared every day. And in this bustle, for your article to be the bestseller, you need to learn from the market place.

Thorough research is definitely required before hitting that publish button, but that is not what we mean here. After you publish the blog, monitor its performance. See how it works in comparison to your other articles and edit it accordingly. Google acknowledges changes in the blog and marks you active. Thereby pulling you up to the top.

You are up to speed on guidelines to write SEO friendly content, Happy Writing.

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Is Elon Musk the Tony Stark of Today?


Geniuses, Billionaires, Playboys, Philanthropists. It’s uncanny how these 2 are so related, it almost feels as if Elon slips into his Iron Man suit when no one is watching and takes it out for a joyride.

The South African entrepreneur did not have a real purpose until he was sucked into a dark cave of introspection, and this is when he came up with his Mark 1, Not the finest one ever, but it could throw flames, well at least metaphorically. The next version, Mark 2, which is popularly known as Paypal was a more refined one. Oh, what a feeling it must have been for him. But, his flamboyancy saw him thrown out of management, much like when Obadiah Stane saw Tony leave the panel.

These visionaries never lost focus on what they set their minds to. Never mind the failures (ousted as the CEO of ZIP2, ousted from Paypal, all 3 rocket launched exploded etc.), these men always worked to better their innovations. So much so that the last suit managed to draw blood from the mighty Thanos himself.

Let’s talk about Media. The journalists love them, some hate them but, no one can ignore them. Remember that time when Musk canceled Aslop’s prebooked Tesla X for calling him out on social media? .. sorry PR team. A big authority problem, none of them play well with rules and totally disregard the social conventions. Remember the “I talked to Mark about this. His understanding of the subject is limited” comment when Zuckerberg warned him about his AI being ‘pretty irresponsible’.

Interestingly enough both share the same passion for expensive cars and oddly enough almost died in one. Musk crashed his newly bought Mclaren F1, our research team is currently working on finding out which car Tony was driving when Ivan Vanko cut it in half.

Time and again, these trailblazers have proved that they are here to stay, and it’s not just a flair. Perhaps one thing missing from the 2013 business person of the year’s life is Pepper Pots. The one he can count on to run his affairs when he is Iron Man-ing stuff (saving the world).

Now that you think of it, his Tesla might just one day turn into a suit when a portal opens up in New York.

Here is an interesting fact, Elon as a kid was an introvert. The school days were brutal like any other introverted kid would face. So the kid sitting at the back of the table, with his head down, scribbling in his book could be drawing his super advanced tech suit or a chemical formula for biological enhancements or even a time machine. You cannot rule out any possibilities.

Backstage to an Agency Writer’s Blogs.

Backstage to an Agency Writer’s Blogs

A blog is something that brings the content and copywriting skills together in a writer in any agency. A content writer will effortlessly write the body of the blog, once he/she understands the brief. Faster, if it’s a blog for an existing client. It is a 450-800 word long, boring article that talks about the features of the client’s products or services. But, there is something missing, like always. The sense of incompleteness takes over.

And out of nowhere there is this transformation. A messiah, to save this mundane piece of writing and to save the readers from reading a manual of a blog. Alas, the copywriter surfaces. This is probably how Bruce Banner feels like when he turns into the Hulk. Does not particularly feel that great, but then everything is just so much bigger, greener and text smashing-ly better.

blog content and copy

The copy writer brings the party feels to the blog. The features of the products will now have an additional relevance which was earlier missing and unthought of. Most importantly, the blog topic gets a major lift. That is the real hunting ground of the copy guy. I mean would you rather read “Home Automation for Women” or “Women and Technology”?

This transition from content to copy and back, takes a toll on the writer. Dr. Banner will agree. Sometimes, the two aren’t on the same page, no matter the goal. Like in Infinity War, when Hulk (spoiler alert) repeatedly said no to Bruce the copy guy says no to the content guy as well. As a result, you have 1 sad writer stuck with boring content, wasting time googling copy line. Yes, really.

Similarly, the copy guy gets stuck without the content guy. A copy writer can write 2 to 3 really good lines and that’s it. That’s level max, he cannot write paragraphs. Which by the way, are quintessential for a blog, as you may have guessed.

The key like any Hulk movie is to always stay angry! Did that just happen? Yes, it did. Only here Angry = Excited. I can say this with experience that staying excited is difficult when 2 blogs are scheduled in a month for every client and you have like 6. I’m going to go all dramatic and say it, take one blog at a time. That is the only way to enjoy your work.

Zainul Lamak

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

how to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a term that is thrown around a lot nowadays with 9/10 marketers saying that it is very vital to their communication strategy. We are going to discuss how to start affiliate marketing. It is one of the oldest strategies and yet it’s importance has increased now more than ever. With organic reach on Facebook is decreasing day by day and customer acquisition costs going through the roof, marketers have reached out to affiliate marketing to save themselves.

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Why aren’t sanitary pads tax-free! Why, India?

Santary pads vs condoms

Sanitary pads are offering extra long wings, the tax system is more than willing to cut these wings off!

Why India, why?

Earlier, we raised our voices on sindoor and bangles becoming free and not sanitary pads. Today, after the implementation of the new tax system, GST (no need for any introduction there, right?), we are surprised even more. It is clear that the Government of India wants people to have free safe sex, as condoms and contraceptives have become tax-free. But sanitary pads have still not managed to become tax-free. They still fall under the 12% tax bracket of GST.

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Are you using these Social media trends of 2017?

 Are you aware of these social media trends?

It’s June 2017. Six months have almost passed in this rapidly paced year and six more to go.

Here are some of the most useful social media trends-

  • Stories

Today we see stories everywhere. Taking ‘inspiration’ from Snapchat, we see stories everywhere today. By everywhere we mean, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. Come on, we are either here or nowhere else! So it’s important to create, share and make people talk about ‘your stories’.

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Advertising is legalized lying?


Here’s why we disagree with H.G. Wells who says, ‘Advertising is legalised lying’-

Advertising is an always-awesome field.

Here, we help brands achieve the pinnacle of success through effective communication. For the same, we have writers, designers, photographers, videographers, consultants and many more creative geniuses. Each of these brainiacs has something or the else to offer which helps the brand catch attention of the audience. Once a brand is seen or heard, it gets stored into the subconscious mind. This small fragment of the memory helps the target audience decide whilst making a purchase. Continue reading “Advertising is legalized lying?”