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Avengers Endgame

11 Years, 22 Movies, 20+ Billion Dollars & the Magic of Storytelling

It was back in 2008 when a radically different type of movie called Iron Man was introduced to us. The story, the action, the visuals, the music (Bless AC/DC) & of course Robert Downey Jr. himself – all of it was so damn fascinating. It left us wanting more of this loud, in your face,…
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Is Elon Musk the Tony Stark of Today?

Geniuses, Billionaires, Playboys, Philanthropists. It’s uncanny how these 2 are so related, it almost feels as if Elon slips into his Iron Man suit when no one is watching and takes it out for a joyride. The South African entrepreneur did not have a real purpose until he was sucked into a dark cave of…
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Word of Mouth, the neglected Game Changer

WOM, we marketers call it. It looks short and simple. But boy, does it have amazing effects on product promotion! People who speak, share an opinion on a product and disperse information about it, that’s essentially what Word of Mouth is. Here are some reasons why it can be the Game Changer for your product-

Santary pads vs condoms

Why aren’t sanitary pads tax-free! Why, India?

Sanitary pads are offering extra long wings, the tax system is more than willing to cut these wings off! Why India, why? Earlier, we raised our voices on sindoor and bangles becoming free and not sanitary pads. Today, after the implementation of the new tax system, GST (no need for any introduction there, right?), we…
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Advertising is legalized lying?

  Here’s why we disagree with H.G. Wells who says, ‘Advertising is legalised lying’- Advertising is an always-awesome field. Here, we help brands achieve the pinnacle of success through effective communication. For the same, we have writers, designers, photographers, videographers, consultants and many more creative geniuses. Each of these brainiacs has something or the else…
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Tax Exempted Sanitary Napkins. Need of the hour!

Sindoor is Tax Exempted, but not Sanitary Napkins!  *Inspired by true events* The country wants women to be married but not sanitary. Is it? The recent declaration of GST on sanitary napkins is drawing the attention of people from all areas of the country. And why shouldn’t it?

Viral Content in the making…

Are you looking to get that ‘Viral’ tag on your content? Always trying to figure that out, every time you want to put out something? Well, there are some points which might, if not surely, take you there.

Try New Advertising Techniques | Sex or Fear?

New Advertising Techniques: The tried and tested way of making ads work, scare them and services will be hired, entice them and products will fly off the shelf. The ad companies now should try new advertising techniques! People use the same techniques & thought processes instead of new advertising techniques  to create advertising concepts, why because it…
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