Advertising is legalized lying?


Advertising is legalized lying?



Here’s why we disagree with H.G. Wells who says, ‘Advertising is legalised lying’-

Advertising is an always-awesome field.

Here, we help brands achieve the pinnacle of success through effective communication. For the same, we have writers, designers, photographers, videographers, consultants and many more creative geniuses. Each of these brainiacs has something or the else to offer which helps the brand catch attention of the audience. Once a brand is seen or heard, it gets stored into the subconscious mind. This small fragment of the memory helps the target audience decide whilst making a purchase.

To catch hold of the audience’s eye in a fraction of seconds, we have to rack our brains for days, sometimes months. Only then, we plant the seed of this idea in the client’s brain. The client, a civilian (for us), dissects the idea from various angles using a mental magnifying glass. Political correctness is one of the biggest aspects here. Only after getting a green signal from the client, we attach wheels of execution to an engine – the idea.

In this process, it is made sure that the idea is offensive to nobody.

It should not be sexist, racist, misogynist and many more -ists.

A highly significant process, it plucks out all the false promises or information which would spring from the idea. Advertisers make sure that the idea is issue-free and clients take the process further ahead.

Along with this, today, there are several bodies which act as the ‘Advertising Police’. They keep a check on all the information, text, designs, videos etc. basically everything which is put out in front of the audience. The ASCI i.e. Advertising Standards Council of India is one such regulatory body which sets standards to maintain transparency between the audience and the product makers.

We as advertisers never wish to fool our audience. Our only desire is to bring out the best of the product. For that, we use our creativity. It is our bread and butter. We wouldn’t lie to earn our bread and butter, would we?

We haven’t done it before nor do we need to, in future.

Sorry, Mr. H.G. Wells, we respect you from the bottom of our hearts, but we would love to agree to disagree with you.

We aren’t lying, we are just presenting the truth in a better manner!


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