Tax Exempted Sanitary Napkins. Need of the hour!


Tax Exempted Sanitary Napkins. Need of the hour!


GST on sanitary napkins

Sindoor is Tax Exempted, but not Sanitary Napkins!

 *Inspired by true events*

The country wants women to be married but not sanitary. Is it? The recent declaration of GST on sanitary napkins is drawing the attention of people from all areas of the country. And why shouldn’t it?

Time and again it has happened that the country has indulged in glorifying the marital status of women. But this happening even now? Come on India! You can do soooooo much better than that! Don’t be the backward-ass stereotyped country everyone assumes you to be.


Gandhiji, our very own father of nation left us with a fabulous saying, ‘Be the change you want to see.’ So wouldn’t we listen to our own father? We say women are better managers and planners, we want women to lead the way in life and we want women empowerment. But we don’t want to do anything to help them lead a better life? That’s plain hypocrisy.

Sanitary Napkins aren’t luxury

It is high time we embrace new changes. If demonetization, a groundbreaking and surprising change was welcomed with open arms, why wouldn’t this be? Sanitary napkins aren’t really the luxury government thinks it to be. It is one of the most basic requirements. A girl starts bleeding approximately from the age of 13 till her 50s. A better part of three decades, she bleeds and experiences discomfort. During this, she wears sanitary napkins to make her life better in the tiniest way possible (ignore the bane of menstrual cramps for a minute). Knowing all this, we still think sanitary napkins are a luxury? GST on sanitary napkins is 12%. Nope. Something is majorly wrong here. We need to rectify things. To do that, we don’t need a Department of Corrections, do we?

It’s simple. It’s plain logic. Sanitary Napkins comprise BASIC NEEDS of women. Hence, they NEED to be tax-free. Period.

Sindoor + Bangles + Bindis <<<<< Sanitary Napkins

Are we clear?

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