Digital Marketing in Pandemic, a Game Changer.


Digital Marketing in Pandemic, a Game Changer.


Your customers may no longer be on streets or in offices or in the community where you usually find them, but they are on their screens. Which means your services can still find them.  

OOH (out of home) advertising like billboards have much lower exposure due to people staying at home. Event marketing has come to a stand-still, and we are seeing that marketing budgets cease or shift towards online ads. Businesses have shifted to work-from-home model, restaurants, theaters and malls all closed, Digital Marketing is the talk of the town. But how can it help me? Here is how digital marketing in pandemic can help you get the best of the lockdown situation.

Understanding The Internet and How it Works

Simply put, the Internet is a parallel world that exists and people in the Covid-lockdown era are spending a whole lot of their time here. 

Digital Marketing in Pandemic

Facebook, Netflix, Youtube all show a meteoric rise in usage.

Just like in the real world people are attracted to things they like and things that are advertised. People will follow you on social media if they like what they see. Over time, through consistent push what starts as a want later becomes a need and converts into a purchase

If your business has been focusing on sales more than marketing and especially branding, then here is good news for you, lockdown gives you the time to recuperate and remake.

Professionals, combine design and technology to make impactful ads, so you can get back to doing what you do best – converting the sale. This is how –

A. Break-Down the Multi-Platform Web
The Internet is a world in itself, with thousands of different sites and platforms. How do you find your people? Well, the chances of finding a preacher in a pub are just as much as finding a local shopkeeper on Snapchat.

If your product is an expensive fitness watch, your platform is Instagram, but with the downfall of self-care and keeping spending capacity in mind, can LinkedIn turn out to be a good platform too? That’s for us to find out.

Volkswagen will find an audience for their hatchback Polo on Facebook, but will find Linkedin more lucrative for their SUV that Tiguan Allspace. Meaning different platforms for different services. 

B. Declutter

Right, you have identified the whereabouts of your audience, next is making them notice you. Imagine an ice cream parlor with a variety of flavors on the counter. It’s hard to choose the one you want! It’s the design on the board behind that catches your attention. 

Make your ads stand out with enticing design and language. Would you rather have a ‘Coconut Ice Cream’ or ‘Tender Coconut Swirl: made from the freshest coconuts from Goa”?

Is PPC (pay per click) worth it for my business?

While SEO is the organic equivalent of social media. PPC (pay per click) is a whole new game. This aggressive marketing technique is a foot-on-the-gas to get instant leads and sales. 

Run a quick check on the following to get yourself a good idea of your situation:

  • Understand the Audience
  • Assess whether the product is in demand
  • Evaluate the amount of website traffic and its source
  • Make sure your website and LP (landing pages) are user friendly
  • Notice how the users behave on your website

Let us draw a simile between Facebook Ad and Google Ad to understand which is the one for you.

marketing in pandemic

Bottom Line

It all comes down to whether you have an experienced Marketing Partner you trust. If no, then get to know us, Mark and Make. We have a 8 year long track record of running successful digital marketing campaigns, both SM ads and PPC. 

We’ve delivered successful digital campaigns and generated valid leads for businesses from various domains like Automobile, F&B, E-Commerce, Technology, Agriculture and many more.



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