To invest or not to invest in Digital Marketing during Covid-19 pandemic? That is the question.


To invest or not to invest in Digital Marketing during Covid-19 pandemic? That is the question.



And suddenly it seems like the world stands still. Covid-19 has changed the global scenario. Economic slowdown. Stock market crashed. Businesses are facing a lot of challenges in this pandemic. 

But, This too shall pass.

However, it’s observed that companies are squeezing their marketing budget to save the costs. 

Digital Marketing during Covid-19 pandemic

Considering the customers’ mindset in this situation, it is completely fair to restrategize marketing goals for this year. But, it doesn’t mean to stop executing marketing plans. 

Initially, people took time to digest the fact of staying at home. But, now people are aware of the intensity & uncertainty of the global crisis and hence they are trying to build up their new routine. So, companies can still make a difference while their potential customers are at home.

This is the time when potential buyers will spend most of their time on various digital platforms including search engines and social media either to learn something new or to connect with their friends and families or to research on something they always wanted. I know you have a doubt in your mind asking why should I market when I don’t have means to deliver. Yes. It’s a valid point. But, looking at the top of the Sales Funnel, Digital Marketing does matter for the Awareness & Acquisition stages.

Let’s look at all aspects of Digital Marketing one by one in the times of the Corona Virus.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


SEO has always been and will be the top source of acquisition and to generate traffic. Even though in the past 4 weeks, there has been a slump in search volumes (unless you are selling essential goods or services), you need to continue optimizing your website which will help you recover faster when the situation will be stable (and it will be soon enough).

Invest in this long term but reliable strategy to not lose out the rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) which you have already achieved. Remember, you will get the best results only if you are consistent with your SEO activities. Consistency is the key, always, period.

Go through the Google Search Console of your website. Have a look at the search queries which get a good number of impressions but not enough clicks. Optimize your website content accordingly. Do not fall for the declined numbers which Google Analytics is showing. The pandemic has tremendously affected the search behaviour. Therefore, compare the data with the past weeks and analyze it accordingly.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

Undoubtedly, the usage of these platforms are at a peak currently. These are the best platforms to be in touch with your customers/clients. Let them know you care for them. But, be careful while promoting your products/services. The tone of communication should be soft. Do not sound pushy. Let the call to actions be contribution oriented and not the conversion oriented. 
Puns or humour might have been working for your brand before but now try not to emphasize on them as it can be seen in a negative light. Instead, spread as much positivity across as possible. Showcase your company’s helping hands in terms of extended support services, free online consultation, etc.

Always be assured that people always remember ones that came forward in times of need.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Ads:


This is where the real challenge is. Most of your competitors might have discontinued their Google  ads. According to the recent study, Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) & Cost per Click (CPC) have gone down for many industries except for essential goods. Lesser CPC can lead to lesser expenditure on Google Ads. But, keep your eye on cost per conversion/ Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) / Cost per Acquisition as they might increase substantially because of major change in consumers’ behaviour.

Also, if you are using a smart bidding strategy, you can end up spending a lot on campaigns. Hence, I would recommend going with manual bidding, provided you have a team working from home who can monitor the campaigns on a daily basis.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

It has always been a cheaper medium compared to others and can generate a good Return on investment (RoI). However, ROI depends on the type of product/service you offer in today’s scenario.

For ex. If you provide offline courses, you can start selling them online (if it is feasible through Email marketing). This is the most useful one as you can provide quality content and engage with your audience with personalized touch.


Be meticulous and Reformulate your ‘Before Covid-19’ strategy.

If you were using terms to mention offers such as Season’s Special Offer, Never Before offer or Viral Sale, do not include them in your copies now as it can create a negative impact on your audience.

People are on the internet than ever before, consuming data more than any before, commenting, liking, sharing, creating, than ever before. This is the time to be out there! Digital Marketing has the power to pay you the dividends once we get back to normal (and we surely will soon).

Until then, take care of yourself and your family. Stay Home. Stay Healthy.



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